Tiger Oil Pan

Excursion Front View

This is my actual truck. It's about a year old in this picture. The dealer plate resided on it for a number of years until the F$#$%in Los Angeles Parking enforcement gave me a ticket on Sunday at 5AM for no front plate... I guess the city needed money.

Dash Board

Ford marketing shot of the inside of the Excursion. This is slightly different then what I have but overall I really like the clean and not super high-tech styling of this era of truck.

Ford Excursion

Don't have a lot of pictures of the 'Jolly Green Giant ' I'll take a few more pictures. Here are some pictures I snagged from Google Images.
Tiger Oil Pan
Tiger Oil Pan
Tiger Oil Pan

Rear Compartment

Ford marketing shot of the rear of the Excursion. Same color as mine. Lots of room for hauling stuff if you remove the rear seats and fold down the middle row.

Entertainment System

Another Ford marketing shot of the overhead console entertainment system. My car had the older wired headphones not the IR version that were later added.

If you have kids don't think twice of spending your hard earned money on this overpriced accessory!

Excursion and Mustang

I found this while trolling Google Images for photos. It was sorta' funny since I tow a Mustang (The Ripper) with my Excursion.
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