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Here is a collection of random Tiger 'stuff' that has no home on the website as yet...

Tiger Watts Link

I found this on EBAY a few years back. I did not purchase it as I figured I could make one better then this. It was very pricey as I recall (over $600) and it really didn't look all that good. It looks like a stamped steel cover from a Jag Dana 44, odd placement for a speed sensor and just overall not so robust design. At least here is a picture of it for anyone that might want to re-create it.


Tiger Aluminum Dashboard

I found this on EBAY a few years back as well. I do own it, but not sure what to do with it. The Burlwood on the stock Sunbeam Tiger is very cool. And while I do want to get the car on the track and race it, this might be a bit much. And besides I would have to cover the cut out for a radio, not much use for one in a Tiger. It is a heavy and well machined part that took someone some time to make as it's done well.

Dana 44 Differential Cover

This is an interesting cover that I found for drag racers and 4x4 Dana 44 users that were looking for bearing supports for the D44. What is interesting is that this part looks like it could be very easily modified to be used as the center pivot like the above, but  most of the work looks like making a bracket instead of welding to a flimsy steel cover. The casting weights in at around 7lbs and the link to the manufacture is TA Performance  And seems to be about 160 bucks and includes the nuts bolts and gaskets as they used to say... One thing to note is the HIGH mount for the fill hole. This is for 4x4 application with a rotated axle which is typically done when lifting suspension. For a flat axle this fill hole is ABOVE the axle tube height on the housing this is not good. Adjust levels below axle tube height when filling!

Note: I purchased a cast aluminum cover from Speedway Motors, but sent it back due to poor quality casting and a warped sealing surface. Must have been surfaced while still hot as it was warped about 1/8" side to side. They were nice and returned it no questions. So just purchased the TA Performance cover. Day and night in the quality, the cover is heavy and well machined. No leaks and will make a good base for a Watt's link with some modifications. A solid, well machined and quality part.
Sunbeam Tiger Metal Dash
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