Fuel Pump Roll Bar Mount

This project was something I did for the Sunbeam Tiger, but it can apply to any car that needs to mount something to a
Roll Bar or Roll Cage Tube. In the Tiger space is at a premium and I really wanted to mount the fuel pump inside the
frame rails. However the Fuel Cell takes upmost of the space. Their were a few other places that I could have mounted
it, but I decided to mount it on the rear bars of the Roll cage.

Needed Supplies

Aluminum Plate at least 3/16" Thick, I used 1/4" as I'm paranoid
Longer bolts for the bar mount (I used 2 1/2" x 1/4 16 for the Allstar)
Fancy Roll bar or Vibration Mount  1.75" Allstar (JegsAmazon)
Low Cost 1.75" Roll Bar Mount McMasterCarr These are pretty good and inexpensive. Used on the Fire Extinguisher

Tools used

Drill with a couple of bit sizes for 1/4" and 5/16" bolts (depending on pump and bar mounts)
Something to saw Aluminum, Jigsaw, band saw, etc
Something to Measure, right angle thingie also a help!
Dykem if you like the smell

Fuel Pump Bracket Aluminum Scrap

Found this in the scrap pile. Perfect! This was a 4" wide strip of aluminum plate that was cut to 4.25" long. It's 0.25" thick, but I think given how small it is and how many mounting points could go thinner. Being a better safe then sorry kind of cat, I opted to use the thicker :)
Fuel Pump Bracket Material

Fuel Pump Cage Mount Wrap Up

This was a simple DIY project. You can make this with scrap metal and only a few tools. It's sturdy and looks good once you get the Dychem removed. This mainly is an idea how to get things mounted to the bars, could be a fuel pump, fire extinguisher or most anything. Make sure the bracket you use are appropriate for the weight and intended shock it might receive, ie, if on a off road vehicle make things stronger!

Happy Motoring and get your projects done!
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Chopping Aluminum on Swag Band Saw Table

This has become one of the most used tools of recent in my garage. It cuts quick and straight. Basically a Dewalt Porta-Band (or whatever they call it) band saw mounted to the Swag Off Road custom table. Very handy for these type of project!!
Chopping On Swag Band Saw

Dychem and Doing Fine

Anytime you can use Dykem is a good time! I do like the smell, but it's pretty helpful as you scribe lines for accurate work. Better than my usual marking with a Sharpie(tm).
Dychem Plate Ready to Mark

Allstar 1.75" Roll Bar Clamp

These are available from a few vendors, Allstar had these for their Roll Bar Bottle Mounts, I figured they would be pretty good for holding on the fuel pump. These are not as heavy duty looking in person, but still pretty good.  These were in the $40 range each. For a lower cost solution look below!
Allstar Roll Bar Clamp

McMaster Carr version of the 1.75" Roll Bar Clamp

I have used these before to hold home made roll bar mounted fire extinguishers. They are plastic with steel end caps. Plenty strong but much larger than the Billet Allstar Roll bar mounts. The trade off is they are about $6. They make them in a heavy duty version as well and many different sizes. Check with McMaster for that.
McMaster Carr Vibration Mount

Fuel Pump and Clamp Mounting Layout

The Fuel Pump is a Holley Max 150 or some such thing. It comes with a clap and bracket as shown. Trying to get some general measurements of where to center things up. You can eye-ball it or do some math to figure this stuff out. Use a square to draw lines will make things easy. This was pre-cut. The Roll Bar mounts were just placed to get an idea, and are upside down before you say anything...
Layout of Fuel Pump Bracket

After Marking and Scribing and Drilling...

After making sure everything fits up nicely and nothing is hanging over the edge holes were drilled (later chamfered too). You get the basic idea.
Marking and Scribing

Test Fitting Fuel Pump and Mounts

This is the important part... Test Fitting! What I found was it fits really well except for the socket head bolts that come with the Allstar mounts would be fine if I tapped them into the aluminum, but not if I wanted to be safe and bolt them in. So will need to get longer bolts (2.5" should do it). I think same would apply if you are using the McMaster Carr mounts as well.
Test Fitting Fuel Pump and Mounts

Back Side of Fuel Pump Bracket

Just looking at the back side of the bracket. Looks good except for the scratched up aluminum!
Back Side of Fuel Pump Bracket

Side View of Fuel Pump and Bracket

Admiring my simplistic work ;)
Side of Fuel Pump Bracket

Bracket Cleaned Up

Sanded and cleaned up the bracket. Chamfered the drilled holes and lightened it up a bit.
Finished Fuel Pump Bracket

Fuel Pump And Bracket In All Its Glory

All mounted up to clean plate, need to get the longer bolts and all done.
Finished Fuel Pump Bracket - Clean

Test Mounting

This is where I am going to mount the pump. Just testing fitment before I finalized all the finish work. Can't mount it as I still need the longer bolts (McMaster has them)
Fuel Pump and Roll Cage Test Mount