Camber Offset Calculator v1.1

Camber Angle (degrees)
Camber Angle Diameter Example
Enter the Diameter of your tire on your wheel. Then the Camber Angle in Degrees, it can be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.

Press CALCULATE to find other values. Hit RESET  to clear the form and SAMPLE if you want to see a sample calculation.

A NEGATIVE offset number means the wheel is tipped in as the picture to the left shows. Positive would tip towards the opposite direction.
Camber Angle Offset Example

Camber Offset Calculator

If you want to get an idea of what fender clearance you will have given a camber setting this calculator will help
you get that measurement. It's pretty simple if I used the correct trigonometry formula...

This is useful if you are trying to stuff some big tires under the fender and after you have calculated all your rim
offsets and such give you an idea were the edge of the tire will be. You will need to measure the camber angle
or guess what it should be to find the offset.

To Find the Camber Offset from the given Camber Angle use this formula:

Offset = Diameter x sin(θ)

θ (Theta) = Camber Angle
Diameter = The Diameter tire at the edge of interest
Offset = The amount the corner of the tire will move

Note : The sine function sin(), in this case must expect the value in
degrees not radians. Suspension camber is also measured in Degrees, positive
or negative.

For a description of Negative, Positive or Zero Camber Click HERE
Bad Camber Example
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