Mustang Clutch Stop

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When installing on of the Tilton (or similar) concentric throwout bearings you generally need to install a clutch stop. Some of the newer Tilton bearings have a built in stopper, but it may be just easier to put one under the pedal or on the linkage. I chose to put a floor mounted clutch stop made out of some heavy aluminum and some swing bolts. I have seen a many where they just put in one bolt on the bottom of the pedal or on the floor board but it never looked like something that would last without being bent or broken. So in the spirit of over engineering I made an adjustable stop with 2 swing bolts that would allow height adjustment as well as the angle of contact with the bottom of the pedal. The pedal was then covered with a thick rubber glued on with 3M Contact Cement. I will have to dig up a few more pictures of this, but here is what I have now -
Mustang Racing Clutch Stop

The Ripper's Clutch Stop

This is the clutch stop mounted in the car. The pedal stop is adjustable at the same angle as the bottom of the pedal and can move up and down to limit travel. I added a thick rubber bumper glued to the top of the stop prior to installation and adjustment of the clutch. READ THE TILTON MANUAL for information on how to set it up correctly.

The Swing Bolt

This is what I used to mount the clutch stop. Two of these are sandwhiched in the bracket and then bolt to the floor board of the car. I used black oxided versions of these as I had a few left over from another project. Make sure that you have enough thread to move the stop into adjustment. I was lucky that with my slave master it all worked out to be only a few inches off the floor board.

Assembled Clutch Stop

I used 3/8" Aluminum bar stock that was in the scrap pile. You will have to come up with the dimensions for your pedal, but doesn't need to be huge. The sides (about 1" in width) that hold the swing bolts on were welded with some old bolts to keep the assembly together. I also put some BLUE tape on one side of the swing bolts to help keep a bit of space so they could swing and still be tighten by the cross bolts. Tape was removed after welding (yes it was burnt, but did it trick). Welding was done with the Millermatic Pulser and the Aluminum feeding Spool Gun. Welding was only on the outside of the side plates.
Mustang Racing Clutch Stop - Swing Bolts
Mustang Racing Clutch Stop
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