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My other site is about Tube Audio Projects at this has nothing to do with cars, racing, but it's an equally fun and addictive hobby!

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Automotive Forums and Clubs and Sites of Interest - If you are into anything GT40 this is the forum you want to check out
AMOC - Aston Martin Owners Club (if you have an Aston Martin this can save you time and money with car issues)
LASAAC - Los Angeles Shelby Club - Have a Shelby or a Mustang, live in the Los Angeles Area this is for you
CAT - California Association of Sunbeam Tiger
Tigers United - Great source of Sunbeam Tiger information and projects
Sunbeam Tiger Owners Association - Another good site with Tom Hall
Sunbeam Tiger Owners Club (U.K. Based) - Some interesting UK cars and articles
Tigers and Alpines East - Yet another Tiger and Alpine site, This is an east coast if you haven't figured that out...
Taco Mini-Bikes - If you are into Mini-Bikes, this is the site to check out!
The Diesel Stop - A great site for Ford and International Diesel trucks, Super Duty's, Excursions, etc.
The Garage Professor - The Garage Professor's Blog. Seems like a good guy.
Pelican Parts Forum - The best forum for Porsche information!
GTSparkPlugs FLOG - The GTSparkPlug Flog where you can catch a rant and a rave... F^&#ED Log if you don't get it!
MotorheadMomma  - A great blog with an interesting twist. Check it out!

Suppliers and Manufactures

McMaster-Carr - Hardware, Materials, just about anything you need. Fast Shipping. My GOTO Source for Hardware!
Online Metals - Need small cuts of metal, odd shapes, or variety packs
Canton Mecca Filters - I use the synthetic fuel and oil filters. Well made product.
T&D Machine Shaft Rockers - Have these on Mustang, First class shaft rockers, also excellent Ring/Pinion Setup Tool
Powermaster Alternators - Nice products, well made. If you want to step up check out RACEMATE Alternators
RaceMate Alternators - One of my favorite products for the racer. Ingenious device, check them out!
TWM Fuel Injection - Weber looking Fuel Injection to be used on something...Now owned by BORLA
Total Engine Airflow TEA - Ported a good number of heads for me, Canfields, Edelbrock Victors and Intake
DamBest Carbs - The name says it all. Best Support and Carb made today.
DigiKey Electronics - Supplier of various electronic parts, connectors, switches, etc.
Mouser Electronics - Supplier of various electronic parts, connectors, switches, etc.
Adorama Photo - Supplier of camera ball heads for roll bar camera mount
B&H Photo - Supplier of camera ball heads for roll bar camera mount, and lots of audio and video gear
Datatoys - Supplier of older Ripper Cameras, now new HD gear, less focused on racing
ChaseCam - Supplier of older Ripper In Car Video System, Over priced for quality. Some interesting things however.
TA Performance - Excellent Aluminum differential covers with extra support. Also many BUICK parts and aluminum blocks!
Summit Racing - They have it all, sometimes not the best price but quick ship and a deep catalog of parts
Jeg's Racing - Less favorite due to their poor website, but they have some jegs branded parts that are unique.
GForce Transmissions - Home to many racing gearboxes, including my favorite T101A
Sunbeam Specialties - If you have a Sunbeam Tiger you need this site!
Race Car Replicas (RCR) - Home of the RCR GT40 'Tribute' Car!. Talk to the man Fran!
Pegasus Racing Supplies - And excellent source for hard core racing supplies, fittings, hardware, etc.
Hoerr Racing Products (HRP World) - Another excellent source for hard core racing supplies
Pelican Parts - Porsche Parts that you can afford, Forums have great information on Porsches
Advanced Circuits - Where I get quick turn PCB's made for my projects
Wire Barn - Great source for automotive wire
TS Controls - Awesome Traffic Light Controllers, Good value and solid design.
Pit Products - Some very nice looking aluminum trailer and garage products, alternative to PitPal
Waytek - Excellent Source for all automotive spec electrical supplies, good products and selection
Big Blue Saw - Great Water Jet Cutting Service, easy to use, low cost and FAST

Cool Stuff

Morgan and Phillip's - Awesome Vintage Automotive Clothing

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