Wheel Lug Torque Sequences

This is a simple one. You tend to remember the simpler patterns but always nice to have a large EZ Read example. Here are the torque sequence for wheels with 4, 5, 6 and 8 Lugs. You may see orders that are slightly different but be assured they all pretty much do the same thing. The idea is to not distort the hub and rim with unevenly tightening of the bolts.

One thing that I have always hated on the diagrams that I have found on line was the lines with arrows that just seems to muddle things up. Here is a clear simple and EZ Read version of the torque sequences.

Remember it's in your best interest to check your lug nuts periodically, especially if you have installed new rims. New wheel installs should be checked (according to Tire Rack) between 50 miles and 100 miles.

If you are on the track it's a good idea to check your wheels lug torque prior to hitting the track and once at least after things warm up.

Also, like many others have stated it's not a great idea to use an impact to put ON your wheels. It's a good idea to use a nice large torque wrench to get the job done. Follow your vehicle or rim manufacturer for proper torque specs. For stock OEM applications you can sometimes find this on the door sill or in the gas cap area of the car.
Wheel Torque Sequence
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