Sunbeam Tiger Mirror Upgrade

Tony the Tiger had an old and rusty Mirror. The reflective part was also decomposing and was held together with a rubber band. I found that the restored Tiger mirrors are expensive and figured I would just replace it with a Small Billet Style windshield mount mirror. I found a company that made nice Billet Mirrors (B and K Manufacturing) but I am thinking they are now out of business. They had a nice mirror in clear or black anodized aluminum with the appropriate mount. Price was very reasonable. I think you can find these smaller mirrors from Billet Specialties (Summit Racing, etc). Below my helper does the work for a change.
Sunbeam Mirror Upgrade

Billet Rear View Mirror

This was the billet mirror from B and K Manufacturing. The one that I used was a Black Anodized version at it looked good with my black Nardi Steering wheel. The Mount on the back is a glue on style, but a screw on mount was also available but wouldn't work with the stock mounts on the Tiger window frame. Something could have easily been made, but I like the window mount better any-a-ways so I went with that.
Sunbeam Tiger Replacement Mirror

Old and New Mirror

My assistant shows off the old Sunbeam Tiger Mirror (left) and the new billet mirror (right). Sizes are similar!
Tiger Rear View Upgrade

Old and New Mirror Comparison

This time the NEW mirror is on the left and the stock Tiger mirror is on the Right.
Sunbeam Tiger Black Mirror

Testing the New Mirror

My assistant shows give the mirror a simulated test to see if it really works.
Sunbeam Tiger Windshield Mount

Mount and Glue the Mount

After centering the mount and making sure it will adjust OK, the mount is glued with appropriate rear view mirror glue (get at your auto parts store). Green Sharpie was used to help place the mount. You can see the old Tiger mounts in the frame right above it.
Sunbeam Tiger Mirror Installed

Billet Mirror Mounted

The glue has dried enough to mount the mirror. Looks good. Note that the steering wheel that is on the car has been removed and a Black spoke Nardi wheel is on the car.
New Tiger Rear View

Another View of the Rear View

Another shot of the Rear View Mirror mounted. Clean, looks like it came in the car, and much less cost than a rebuilt Tiger version and looks better to me!
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