Small Block Chevrolet Head Bolt Torque Sequence

Another EZ Read reference. This is the Head Bolt Torque Sequence (Pattern) for the Small Blocks, Mouse Motors
or what ever you might lovingly call this motor. I have not had a lot of vehicles with Small Block Chevy's other then
my engine swap 372" Motor I put into my International Scout. This does not include specs for LSX or Aluminum
blocks which may be different, again check with the manufacturer on those.

Small Block Chevy Head Bolt Torque Specifications

Step 1 25 Ft/Lbs
Step 2 45 Ft/Lbs
Step 3 65 Ft/Lbs

For Head Studs or aftermarket bolts CHECK YOUR INSTRUCTIONS, SBC studs are available in a ton of
different styles depending on heads and stud diameters.

Some People do only 1 or 2 steps to reach the final torque. I think it's always better to break it up if you can.

For what ever you use make sure the threads in the block are clean. It doesn't hurt to run a tap on every bolt hole
(unless for some reason you have a thread insert in them) to ensure proper torque. For some blocks you will have
the bolt holes drilled through to the water jacket. Use a good sealer on the threads (ARP, Permatex) something
specific for bolts. If you have blind bolt hole use the recommend ARP lubricants on bolts or studs.
Chevy Small Block Head Bolt Torque Sequence
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