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Tiger Information

Here are some pictures of my 1966 Mk1A Sunbeam Tiger. This has some of the LAT options including hood, Sway bars and rear axle overrides. Has the CAT roll bar and a few other things. The motor is a stock 260, with Ford Toploader and a Dana 44 rear. All powertrain numbers match up I have a 302 Dart Aluminum Block with TWM fuel injection that will likely find a nice home in 'Tony'. Likely a lower compression and smaller cam version of the Ripper's engine. Mock up with the TWM Fuel Injection below.

Someone with some background in Tigers mentioned that the VIN may be one that was from Woodbridge Ford that may have been slated as one of their race cars. Which would be very interesting as that is where 'The Ripper' was once campaigned in the mid 60's

Notable Quote...  Shelby’s A.C. Cobra wasn’t the only British sports car to benefit from Ford V-8 power. The Sunbeam Tiger boasted genuine Carroll Shelby involvement, and could be regarded as a sort of “Cobra junior.” Some people think of the Tiger as a "poor Man's Cobra" but I think it an entirely a different beast (no pun intended).

The Sunbeam Tiger boasted a Ford V-8, which gave it plenty of muscle, but ultimately spelled its doom when Sunbeam was acquired by Chrysler, who did not want a Ford-engined car in its lineup.

At $3499, the Sunbeam Tiger found 6495 buyers before an improved Tiger II went on sale in 1967. It had Ford’s 289-cid V-8 rated at 200-hp and badges that read “Sunbeam V-8” instead of “Powered by Ford 260.” Zero to 60 times fell two seconds and top speed rose five mph. Most Cobra speed equipment could be fitted, including dual four-barrel carbs for up to 300-hp.

Visually similar to the concurrent Sunbeam Alpine, the Sunbeam Tiger shared the Cobra’s 260" Ford V-8, but in milder tune than that 260-hp bomb. Still, its 164 hp was more than twice what the Alpine had and, at 9.5-seconds 0-60 mph, it was nearly twice as quick. The live axle and four-speed gear box were Ford’s (Well Dana 44 for Rear Axle and Ford Toploader) but the chassis was Sunbeam Alpine’s modified by Shelby with a stiffer suspension and rack and pinion steering. Brakes remained front discs and rear drums. Handling, road holding, and ride comfort earned high marks, though the skinny tires and torquey V-8 added up to axle hop and poor traction off the line.

Tiger Coil Over Suspension Upgrade
Tiger Oil Pan
David Kee Ford Top Loader
Miscellanous Tiger
Roll Bar Fire Extinguisher

Dart Aluminum Engine

This is the mock up of the Dart 302 Aluminum SBF Block for the Tiger. The injector is TWM 50mm IDA style manifold. Rocker Arms are the fantastic T&D Machine 1.6:1 ratio with some nice roller springs. Heads are TEA ported Canfield.

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Oil Pan

This is the Aramondo Racing Oil Pan for the Tiger. It is very similar (if not the exact same) as the Aviaid Oil Pan. It was a few bucks cheaper the the Aviaid pan, but Aramondo's prices have increased over the years and is about the same. It's a well made pan.

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Roll Bar Fire Extinguisher

This project is for a simple, strong roll bar fire extinguisher mount. The initial version was for the Sunbeam Tiger and subsequently made a second version for the Mustang (The Ripper). The parts are easy to make and is a good DIY project that will save you some money. Fun to make as well.

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David Kee Top Loader

The Tiger's drivetrain is to include a David Kee built Toploader transmission, Dana TrueTrac Differential, McLeod clutch and flywheel, and a Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing.

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Coil Over Front Suspension

Here is a glimpse of the Mike Hokenson tiger front end. The original front suspension on the tiger is removed and replaced with a modern and safer coil over suspension, with some added extras including larger brakes (My modification) and better steering.

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Odds and Ends

Here is a collection of other odds and end for the Tiger. A catch all for things that have no where else to go.

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Tiger Projects

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Oil Filter Braket

Building a new Oil Filter mount for the Tiger. This is to replace the odd canister stock unit with a Canton-Mecca racing filter.

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Alternator Bracket

Have a Sunbeam Tiger, don't care too much about originality, want to remove the old generator and replace it with a tiny modern alternator. Here is a project for you. This also can apply to most any Small Block Ford (SBF).

Click the Picture for more information on the Tiger Alternator Bracket Project

Brake Brackets

This project is to upgrade the brakes on the Sunbeam Tigers NEW (Non-Stock) front suspension. Bigger rotors and more pistons are better...

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