Effective Compression Ration Calculator
Static Compression Ratio
Effective Compression Ratio
Effective Compression

Effective Compression Calculator

This is pretty straight forward enter the following -

Boost in PSI or BAR
Static Compression Ratio

And the results will be the Effective Compression Ratio. Charts will also show a variety of information related to the range of both the boost and the compression.

What do you do with this information? What is it good for? Seems useless?

Not sure, someone asked for it so here it is... If you know send a message!

Effective Compression Ratio Calculator

(Check out the Regular Compression Ratio Calculator HERE)

This is a simple calculator for determining the effective compression ratio of a motor that might be under boost by a Turbo, Blower or other
sorted odd devices. If your motor is normally aspirated boost is 0. The program takes PSI or BAR as the pressure but will only display the
data in PSI. Hit the SAMPLE button to see how it works. The formula that is used is:

Effective Compression = ((Boost PSI / 14.7) + 1) * Current Static Compression Ratio
1 Bar = 14.5 PSI
1 Atmosphere = 14.7 PSI

Pretty simple, but in any case here is a calculator for it.
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