Riffraff Diesel Performance Injector Cup Tools

Riffraff Diesel Injector Cup Tools - Tool Review

After working with the Rosewood Diesel Shop injector cup tool, I figured I was done with it, so I sold it on eBay so another Power Stroke owner with the same problem could save a bit of money and do the job. Well it seems that I got the bug and decided to rebuild a wrecking yard 7.3L Power Stroke so I was going to need the tools again. This time I gave the Riffraff Diesel Performance tool a try. The one thing that I liked about the Riffraff tool was that it didn't use a hammer to seat the new cup. That is a big plus if doing the job with the engine still in the truck. The other difference in the tool is that you must anchor the tool with 2 hex head bolts where the injector was fastened into the head. More on that feature later. I may use the work Powerstroke to mean the actual real name of 'Power Stroke' please let me slide on that as I do it all the time.

The Riffraff tools are well made and well engineered, it came with a nice case and instructions. You must supply your own hex key wrench for the fasteners. The cost of the tool kit was about $100 more the the Rosewood tool kit (well 90 more if you account for the case).

Below are some pictures of the tool and how it works. Again, pretty simple, just follow the included directions. I was using the tool on an engine sitting on the engine stand without any rocker arms or other stuff in the way. Rest assured the tool works with only the need to remove the injectors. Instructions were included.

For the Injector cup install project (using the Rosewood Diesel Shop Tool) click HERE

Riffraff Diesel Injector Cup Tools

Here are the 2 tools about to get used for the first time. The tool on top is for re-installing the cup and the tool on the bottom is for the cup removal. The tools are sturdy and well made. The removal tool is hardened steel, and the installer is anodized aluminum.
Riffraff Diesel Performance Injector Cup Removal Tool
Riffraff Diesel Performance Injector Cup Removal Tool
The Injector Cup

Injector Cup

The exercise is to remove and replace the brass injector cup that are prone to cracking after some time. The Riffraff tool makes it an easy task to remove.

Riffraff Diesel Injector Cup Removal Tool

This is the injector cup extractor. The tool has a fine thread cutter that taps into the injector cup. It looks to be a replaceable part. The tool is well made and works by attaching it to the head with the 2 supplied bolts, then threading it into the injector cup. Once the tap is thread into the cup, you simply tighten up the thrust nut that pulls the entire assembly up with the cup. Very easy.

Riffraff  Diesel Injector Cup Removal Tool Threading

After the tool is bolted to the head, you simply loosen the thrust nut until the it's loose so you can thread the bolt down into the injector cup. This only takes a few twist of the ratchet to get it going, and no need to crank it down, just a few threads and it gets tight fast.

Pulling the injector cup out of the head

Once the tap is threaded into the injector cup, it's time to extract it. Using a wrench or a deep socket simply tighten the nut and you will feel the cup start to move, after a few turns of the wrench the cup will come completely free of the cylinder head. Simply remove the 2 fasteners and pull the tool and cup right out of the head.
Pulling the cup out of the head
Removing Injector Cup from Tool

Pulling the injector cup off the tool

To get the injector cup from the tool you will need a wrench and a large pair of pliers. Simply grab the injector cup on one of the lower rungs (not where the tap has threaded) and use the wrench to unscrew the cup off the tool.
Close look at the threads

Close up of the tap and threads

This tap produces very little mess, no large shavings. It's a good idea to wipe this clean if working on an engine that is not going to rebuilt. This makes it easy since not much mess is made.
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