Rosewood Diesel Shop Injector Cup Tools

Rosewood Diesel Injector Cup Tools - Tool Review

If you are going to get serious about working on your 7.3L Power Stroke you are going to need one of these tools. While initially not something you might need, as you put more and more miles on your 7.3 Power Stroke it's likely that you will have some issues with a cracked injector cup. Some people never run into a problem, but I did and needed this to save me from the Ford '$teelership' from having to pull the heads. Check out the Injector Cup Project for the whole story. I may use the work Powerstroke to mean the actual real name of 'Power Stroke' please let me slide on that as I do it all the time.

Well back to the tool... In replacing the injectors cups you need a special tool. Their are a few out on the market and the Rosewood Diesel Shop make one of the nicer ones. I will review the one from Riffraff Diesel as well at some point as it is a bit different. The tools fall into a couple of categories, one uses a slide hammer to remove the cup, others use a bolt to pull the cup out. Both have some sort of device that threads into the brass injector cup to pull it out.

For installation you can use either the Hammer style, where you essentially hammer the cup in with a mandrel of sorts or the other style (like the Riffraff tool) secures to cylinder head then pushes the cup down with a bolt on top of a fixture.

This tool is the style where you hammer the cup into place and pull it out with a special fixture. The idea is that the job can be done without removing the heads from the engine. Again look at the Injector Cup Project for more details. Or if you are interested in the Riffraff Diesel Performance tool review look HERE!

Rosewood Diesel Injector Cup Tools

Here are the 2 tools about to get used for the first time. The tool on top is for re-installing the cup and the tool on the bottom is for the cup removal. The tools are sturdy and well made. The removal tool is hardened steel, and the installer is anodized aluminum.
Rosewood Diesel Injector Cup Removal Tool
Rosewood Diesel Injector Cup Installer Tool
Threading Inside the Injector Cup

Injector Cup Threads

The tool is really simple, you thread it into the injector cup, that holds the tool onto the cup and as you tighten the nut on the tool it pulls the cup right out of the cylinder head. The cutter is sharp and makes an easy cut into the brass.

Rosewood Diesel Injector Cup Removal Tool

The removal tool is hardened steel, and is very well made. The tool drops into the injector hole and you thread the 'tap' portion into the injector cup. The flange on the top hold the tool in the cylinder head and as you crank the bolt down it effectively pulls the assembly (including the threaded on cup) right out of the head. Simple. The shortness of the tool allows this to be done in the engine compartment very easily.

Rosewood Diesel Injector Cup Installer Tool

The injector cup installer is simpler, it's a mandrel that is fitted to the shape of the injector cup. It has an o-ring to hold the cup on the tool while it is being installed. You simply hit the tool with a hammer to press the cup into the cylinder head. This can be done in the engine compartment, but can be difficult on the cylinders that are farther back on the engine.

Injector Cup Installation Tool Ready to Go!

The injector cup is placed over the end of the tool and the o-ring provides friction to hold it in place. At the bottom of the tool a small nipple sticks out to help align the assembly. You can see some of the Loctite on the cup. At this point you place it back into the cylinder head and hammer it until you hit bottom.
Ready for Installation
Injector Cup Installed

Injector Cup Installed

The cup is simply hammered into the injector hole with the installation tool. You are done when you hit solid ground. Besure and wipe out any debris or sealer before replacing the injector.

Rosewood Diesel Shop Tool - Conclusion

The Rosewood Diesel Shop tool is a well made and reasonably priced tool to replace the 7.3L Power Stroke injector cups. It looks like it could do a bunch of engines without any trouble and without any worry of wear and tear. I think the down side of this tool is the installation of the injector cup. It's difficult to hammer the injector cup in when crammed into the back of the engine bay. The removal portion works very well. I'll be taking a look at the Riffraff Diesel tool soon to see some differences. Price and construction quality makes this tool one that you won't be sorry to own.
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