Race Car Replica's RCR-40

The GT40 is arguably on of the best looking and most successful race cars of the era. It's happens to be also my favorite! This car was build by Race Car Replica's in Michigan. After numerous nights of looking at all the GT40 replica offerings I narrowed it down to RCR's car. This was for many reasons, one was Fran Hall who owns the company was very helpful in putting together MY version of the car, the other was that the car was made in the USA.

My flavor was that of the Gulf Livery #9 1075 car with more of a track flavor then street. As you can see some of the work that RCR's fabricators did, from the internal roll cage to the Magnificent bundle of snake headers they provided a first class product. The engine was another story, sourced from Keith Kraft Racing, and let's say that the motor makes more then the 'stock 289' engine in The Ripper (This is a funny). I can't say enough good things about Fran and his team!

Many of the parts collected were to make the car look like the 60's era racer of the day. The headlights were originals picked up from ebay as well as a close match for the fog lamps. No LED lamps, no extra junk. The car has the #9 in the meatball, but even that will be changed to the correct font that was used. Stickers too were made to be very close to what might be on the original car.

Interior is also done with the look of the original, leather with metal grommets in the seats, and the Dash board treatment old school but with some modern treatment in the electrics. Fran supplied the gauges and I had to have me make me a new Tachometer due to the fact that the motor's redline was at 8,000rpm limit of the stock tach.

While this project looks well along, lots to do and I need to start jumping back on it.

Billet Aluminum Upper and Lower Uprights with Coil Over Shocks
Rack and Pinion manual steering
Rear Independent Suspension based on 930 transaxle and custom control arms

The Motor
Keith Kraft 347cu Aluminum Dart Block, 3.125" Stroke x 4.125" Bore
Dyers Top Rod and Sonny Bryant Billet Crank
Mechanical Roller with T&D Shaft Rockers with Titanium Valves
Edelbrock Victor Cylinder Heads, mild port from Keith Kraft
Edelbrock Victor Intake
Dry Sump with Aramondo Racing Pan Aluminum Drysump Pan
Racemate Alternator-waterpump
MSD Distributor and 6D Ignition System
DamnBest 358 Open Track Carb

Transmission and Driveline
Porsche Custom Ratio 930 4 Speed Quaife Differential - 'The German Rock Crusher'
Custom length chromoly half-shafts with big CV Joints
Wilwood Superlite 6 Piston brakes on all corners

RCR aluminum Monocoque chassis
Integrated Roll Cage
Willians Harness
Upgraded Tilton Racing Pedal Set and Masters with Remote Reservoirs

Other Stuff
Custom 2" Bundle of snake stainless headers with dual port dynomax muffler
Safecraft Firesystem
Tires Avons (With steam-roller rears)
Rims - Vintage Wheels, with rears split and widend
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Front
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Rear
RCR GT40 in the Garage
Rear of the RCR GT40 - Go Dog Go


The Above pics are why I love the GT40. Massive Rear tires and awesome looking front end. The car has the less efficient dual snorkle hood, but I think it's a better look. I also have the painted single snorlke hood as well if cooling presents a problem.

The Rear is all business, billet plate air vents and all the rear tire you can use. You can see the 980 Gear box tucked back under the car. It all just fits in the short rear engine compartement the GT40 has.

Go Dog Go - You will have to figure that part out...
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Interior

RCR GT-40 Interior

This is the shot of the interior of the car. The gauge panel and related are as shipped for mocking up purposes. The Steering wheel is a temporary unit as well as the tachometer. The seats are leather with stainless grommets and custom RCR carpeting.
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Gauges 1
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Gauges 2
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Gauges 3
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Master and Starter Switches

RCR GT-40 Dashboard

Close views of sections of the dashboard. I opted to not use the RCR wiring harness and decided to do my own with teflon wire and aircraft switches and breakers. The master and starter switch are GE industrial and it was cool that they had a light blue start button to match the car. Dymo lables as on the original GT40 were used to mark up the dash switches and circuit breakers to give the car an older look. You can also see a better look of the RCR Gauges as well as the custom Tachometer with the now appropriate redline. The gauges were made by Classic Instruments and are of a very good quality. The last picture is the back of the dash. The pigtail of wires that come out go to a military style connector to the bulkhead of the car. All wire used as mentioned is high temp aircraft silver plated teflon.
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Dash Wiring
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Aluminum SBF
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Induction

RCR GT-40 Engine

This is the Keith Kraft engine. You can see the custom sheet metal valve covers that I had made with a nice optional engraving. More fun then anything. The second picture is the engine in the car. You can see the back of the Racemate alternator that has a small cut out into the engine compartment as the engine is very close to the bulkhead. The small cap distributor just fits too, and you can catch a glimpse of the Dambest carb and the stainless steel bundle of snake headers. The engine is an all aluminum SBF, it's really what's needed in this car ;).
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Exhaust and Transaxle
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Muffler

RCR GT-40 Exhaust and Transmission

Nothing like the artwork of a bundle of snake header. These were made (a choice) to more mimic the 427 headers which are more squared off then the small block headers. The collectors dump into a straight through muffler. Headers are a work of art if I may say it again. You can also see the Porsche 930 gearbox with the billet side plate. These photos were at RCR as the car was being assembled.
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Front Headlamps
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Cooling
Race Car Replica's RCR40 Rear Tires

RCR GT-40 Body and Cooling

Here are a couple of shots of the detail of the front, and rear quarter. The rear tire has a large dish which makes for a problem in putting on the spinners. Thinking about the pacticle use I have also large billet nuts that can be easily tightned with a giant impact and socket.

The cooling system as provided included a radiator for up to 600hp, while I can't directly say that it will support the current engine (think about it), it should do fine with dual fans. The silicon hose work was done by me and connects up to the stainless tunnel piping that goes to the rear of the car. You can also see the aluminum resivours that are on the bulkhead.
GTSparkplugs Header
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