MOPAR Small Block and Big Block Firing Order

A couple of my toothless old MOPAR buddies said 'Dang Sandy why the heck you ain't got no MOPAR $HIT on your site? Ok, that's not right especially since I had driven a number of 440 trucks and the car I got my drivers license in 'The Hearse' which was a 400 station wagon that made about 60 horse power (or so it seamed)  and looked like a Hearse. It had a nice AM radio though. A-Block, B-Block you figure all that out.

And lets be clear I'm not a DODGE fan I'm a PLYMOUTH fan just to set the record straight!

The firing order here will work on the following Dodge and Plymouth engines (Mopar) -

So if you want to cut and past the PLYMOUTH (ok Mopar) Firing order it is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

The Small and Big Block MOPAR motors have the same firing order but it seems the difference is that the distributor rotates a different direction. The small blocks rotate CLOCKWISE And the big blocks rotate COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.

MOPAR Small and Big Block Firing Order
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