Sunbeam Tiger Oil Filter Mount

This simple project is for the Sunbeam Tiger. It's to replace the old style spin on canister filter that is mounted to the cylinder head and connected to an oil filter adapter to the block. This could mount could be used on most any car that has no accessories on the cylinder hed side that you are looking to mount. The tiger has a very tight engine bay and a smaller filter housing (with a better filter) is a definite plus. In addition to the new style housing the fitting on the Tiger's engine are very small, -8, and that's fine for a stock engine, but anything more should have larger lines. I stepped it up to -10 as that seems to be a good compromise vs. using a -12 which may be a problem with the filter adapter fitting between the frame. The one pictured below is from Performance Products and is a thin adapter. The Canton adapter is much thicker but not sure if it will fit or I would use that hands down.
Sunbeam Tiger Oil Filter Mount

Tiger Oil Filter Mount Parts

This is a simple project, you need the matching billet Canton-Mecca filter mount. A small section of 1/4" aluminum 2 counter sink allen head bolts.

The head patter was traced with a piece of paper then transferred to the aluminum. I cut it with my Miller plasma cutter, but a jig saw would work just fine too. I tapped the pre-drilled hole in the back of the Canton mount and drilled and countersunk the hold in the mounting plate. Once bolted up the countersunk bolts are locked in so tighten and use locktite red on the threads.

Size of the Assembly

The simple parts are assembled and you can see a rough size by the ruler.

Closer Look at Tiger Mount

This is a different angle of the mount. The Canton filter mount is a nice part. You could save a few bucks and use the stainless band style mounts, but it looked really good with the billet part.

Test Fit to Oil Filter to Engine

The filter assembly mounted to the Tiger engine. The fittings are out the top as the hose length was a bit short for it all to work. Still might flip it over as it will be easier to change the cartridge with the fittings on the bottom.


Another angle of it mounted on the mocked up engine. That is a lot of light weight alloy under the bag...
Sunbeam Tiger Assembled Oil Filter Mount
New Tiger Oil Filter Bracket
Sunbeam Tiger Filter Mounted
New Tiger Oil Filter
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