Chevy Small Block and Big Block Firing Order

Here is one for the Small and BIG block Chevrolet engines. It does not work for LSX series as they use a different firing order. Everything is front view, engine and distributors. Also both types of caps are shown, HEI and old school Points Style. Remember you can put the wires any where you want as long as the sequence is right. Sometimes you need to do this to clear things with distributor interference.

The firing order works for the following Small Block Chevy Engines -

283 Chevy
302 Chevy
305 Chevy
307 Chevy
327 Chevy
350 Chevy (yes the 5.7L)
400 Chevy

The firing order works for the following Big Block Chevy Engines -

366 Chevy
396 Chevy
402 Chevy (Sometimes referred to as a 396)
427 Chevy
454 Chevy
502 Chevy

Also remember that the position of the spark plug wires does not matter AS LONG AS THE ORDER IS MAINTAINED! If you need to rotate the cap for any reason don't worry about pulling the wires and rotating them around. Again this is fine as long as the firing order sequence for the engine is maintained and you check your engines timing.

Why Chevy Stuff here? I have some that's why and I do like the Chevy Big Block as my second favorite domestic engine, right behind the SBF and each for a different reason. The Small block Chevy? Take it or leave it, great engine, but I want SB2.2 heads or something if I ever did one up. Enough commentary...

So if you want to cut and past the Chevy Small Block and Big Block Firing order it is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
Chevy Small and Big Block Firing Order
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