Safety Wire Drill Guide Tool

This is simple tool to help get you nuts and bolts ready for safety wire. You can purchase a fair variety of hardware already drilled for safety wire, but not all. In some cases you must do it yourself. After trying several tools I found this really simple fixture that helps with that task. For the RCR-GT40 I had to drill out the metric socket cap bolts that are used for the axles. Their are a lot of them and they need a bunch of tiny holes drilled into hard some heat treated material. First thing is to get a bunch of COBALT drill bits. These seem to be the longest lasting and while a bit more $$ they are worth it. Whenever I felt drilling was slowing down it was a good indication to replace the drill bit. I also broke a few, and that it the way it goes, so be prepaired with extra bits if doing a lot of parts.
As I recall I picked these up for about 50 bucks from Pegasus Racing Supplies, check the link page for the site information.
Safety Wire Drill Guide

Safety Wire Tool Jig

This is a relatively inexpensive tool. Shown to the left is the Metric version (guess how I know).

It came with a couple of drill bits, but you will go through them pretty quick if drilling a lot of hard bolts. Get Spares and make them Cobalt tipped they last the longest.
Safety Wire Tool Jig

Tool Jig Close Up

The jig is drilled for a variety of sized bolts, and can be used with hex head, allen, or what ever. It will also drill out nuts as seen here. You simply clamp the jig in a drill press vise and using the 'hollow' allen bolt on the top as drill guide you just drill it through. Twist the bolt if you want more then 2 holes. Pretty simple. They make the jig in both Metric and Imperial.
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