Ford 260, 289 and 302 Valve Adjusting Order

Need to adjust your valves on a Ford Small Block? This is the chart that will help you do it. This is for engines with the older firing order. If you car has a later model cam shaft you should use the 302 HO / 351W order which is different. Make sure you find Top Dead Center (TDC) firing for cylinder 1 before beginning.

You can find TDC of Cylinder 1 by looking at the position of the rotor in the distributor cap when pointing at cylinder 1.

Another way is by pulling the drivers valve cover and watching rocker arms. Watch for the exhaust valve closing and the intake valve beginning to open. This is the intake stroke and will last about 1/2 turn of the crank (180 degrees) and then begin the compression stroke at this is the TDC you are looking for. Hopefully you end up on 0 on the timing mark.

260 289 302 Valve Adjustment Order
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