CSR 310 Feeler Gauge Tool

CSR Valve Lash Adjusting Tool - Tool Review

We took a look at the LSM shaft rocker adjusting tool, and a great addition to that kit is the CSR Feeler Gauge Tool. These are a simple billet aluminum holders for a single feeler gage. So you have one for intake and one for exhaust lash settings. LSM also makes a tool (FH200R) that has two feeler gauges in one tool but I think the longer handle and style of the CSR tools are better for me. The LSM tools is really nice in any case. Either tool is a step up from fumbling around with the 'fan' of gauges and trying to remember what the lash is for intake and exhaust.

I picked up a set of CSR 310 "Valve adjusting Set" to add to the toolbox. I picked mine up at Summit Racing, the set was about $40 bucks and a nice piece. LSM makes one too that is nice but I really liked the single handle approach. If you are looking for single handles that are inexpensive here is one from Amazon (Feeler Gauge Set) that is only about $10 bucks that does the same thing but not made as well but will do the job well and keep you must used gauges handy for valve adjustment.

This is a great tool if you use feeler gauges a lot, and a great track tool since you don't have to fumble with different gauge thicknesses, they are just ready to go.

These get the GTSparkPlug Seal of approval... What ever that might be.

CSR 310 Feeler Gauge Tool

Here is a closer look at the tools. They are billet and anodized then engraved with INTAKE and EXHAUST to make it easy to grab the correct gauge when adjusting the valve lash. These make it easy and are not hard to deal with when your hands are full of oil. No fumbling around tying to remember what the thickness needed as you move from intake to exhaust (unless of course they are the same!)
Exhaust and Intake Feeler Gauge Tool

Front View of the CSR Feeler Gauge Holder

The tool has a threaded insert that is split. You unscrew it a bit and put in the feeler gauge of choice and twist it tight. You may need to hit it with a wrench to really make the 'blade' stay in.

Summay Crimper Tools

The ratcheting tools make the job go quick and make secure connections that can survive tugging and vibrations. The plastic or metal Vice style crimpers do an OK job if you have a vice, but have never left me with much confidance, much like that 'Spark Plug' crimp on your home electrical wire stripper/crimper.
Feeler Gauge Holder Tool

Close Up of the Tool

This is the tool size for reference.
CSR 310 Feeler Gauge

Feeler Gauge

The Kit comes with a feeler gauge as well so you don't have to cannibalize one of your existing if you like. I picked up a set of long feeler gauges with a bend at the end to make it easier to get into the valve train. Nice that they give one just the same.
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