LSM Lash Adjuster Kit

Valve Lash Adjusting Wrenches - Tool Review

Do you have high end shaft rockers? If so you have a few options on what tools you use to set your valve lash. From using simple hex key and a socket to some of the other tools that are purpose built. I found what I would would call the best wrench for the job. It's a bit expensive but worth it if you like to keep your valve lash in order. You can get lower cost wrenches that do a good job, take a look at some of these from Low Budget Wrenches (Amazon). These are simple tools and work just fine. If you are looking to step up your tool collection take a look at the LSM Racing Products tools.

LSM makes two styles of the wrench, one with a built in torque wrench and one that is just a wrench. I have the torque wrench version and it's a solid part, a bit pricy but a heavy and well made part. It included a certification sheet that shows the 'click' torque that is preset (fixed) at 22ft/lbs. And just to be clear the torque wrench is used for the Locking nut on the rocker. Both the LSM Lash Torque Wrench and LSM Lash Wrench on Amazon as well as Summit and Jegs.

The LSM wrenches support any size locking nut on your rocker, it simply uses a 3/8" drive socket that snaps on the tool and held on to the tool by pushing it over an O-Ring. The hex key is a  USA made T-Handle wrench that is available in several sizes. The TQ-100-3 comes with 3 wrenches and 3 collets sized for the wrenches. These screw into the back of the handle. Very slick design and you can use is for a few different sized adjusters on you shaft rockers.

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LSM Valve Lash Adjusting Wrench - TQ-100-3

The LSM Valve Lash Adjusting Wrench came with 3 sizes of hex key and, the collets and the special torque wrench. I can't remember if it came with a case or not. The tool is very solid and the wrenches show MADE IN USA which is nice for a change.
LSM Torque Wrench Certification

Torque Certification

The tool comes with a print out of the testing of the wrench to make sure that it is delivered within specs.
LSM Torque Wrench Head

Close Up of the Wrench

The head of the wrench will take any 3/8" socket. See the O-Ring, that's what holds the socket on the tool. It's a bit simple and a pain to push on when new but it works in after a while.
LSM Torque Wrench In Action

Lash Wrench in Action - Sort Of

This is how the tool works on your typical shaft rockers. One thing to note is the tool has a slight rake to make accessing the adjusters a bit easier and makes for quick work of doing the adjust and lock repition that you do while adjusting the valves.
LSM Lash Wrench

LSM 1T-100 Wrench Only

If you want to save a few bucks and don't need the torque wrench capability and want a solid first class tool then you can get the wrench without the torque functionality. You will need to purchase the wrench and the hex key separately. The usual suspects carry the wrench.  Amazon has a better price then Summit and Jegs if you get free shipping or have Prime.
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