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Well without an efficient garage you can only go so far. This page will start collecting things that I have added to my Garage to help make it a better place to work in. Some are just cool to have others are useful and functional equipment.

GOJO Hand Cleaner Dispenser
Pit Pal Paper Towel and Glove Dispenser with Storage on Top

GOJO Hand Cleaner and Dispenser

The First entry is the GOJO Hand Cleaner and Wall Dispenser. I had picked up a large tank of the GOJO hand cleaner and found out later that it was for a wall mount dispenser. So off to find that and get it on the wall. The Dispenser is the GOJO 1204 and it's a plastic wall mount unit. It's a bit tricky to 'prime' the pump to get it working, but once you do all is well. It will dispense the standard old school GOJO hand cleaner or the 'Fancy' Pumice hand cleaner. The Pumice is about $5 more for the larger tank. Note that it seems that if you have some of the smaller tanks that will fit the pump as well. GOJO also makes a newer style pump that tanks a bag style cartridge of hand cleaner. It's a bit more money and modern looking, and may be the way to go for new installs. Here is the newer PRO GOGO style dispenser. About the only downside is that it seems more common to use the older cylinder style refills that are at most auto parts stores. I guess pick your refill format and then a dispenser, like VHS and Betamax...

And Yes, for once I did use a level to mount something!

Pit Pal 363 - Paper Towel and Glove Dispenser

I had rolls of paper towels stashed all over the garage. Sometimes the Scott BOX of towels which is also handy. But they are just stuffed into shelves and sometimes a pain to get to. I have always liked the idea of the mechanics glove holder that Pit Pal had, and in looking through their site I found a handy dispenser that does gloves, towels, and has a small shelf for storing cans or other stuff. Amazon has a few of these but not the more specific models, so I hit up JEG's for this one. Summit Racing also has them but they were out of stock and JEG's was offering totally free shipping so was a better deal and had them ready to ship.  If you noted that I used a level on the GOJO soap dispenser above you can see why as I thought the mounting job I did on the Pit Pal dispenser was bad. It ended up being level but the dispensers storage box was assembled with, let's just say some lack of quality control. I didn't notice this until I got it securely mounted. For the garage it was acceptable, but pisses me off that I didn't notice it before I hung it. I have a second one that is so so as well. They make all sorts of variants, some with the storage box (363), without the Glove Holder (362) , without the storage shelf (226-LG) and so on. So you can pretty much find one that works for you.

OK, my mount job is a little off, but the storage tray is way off and not square on the top, I'm a little disappointed with the quality of the Pit Pal products that I used in this review. I had a second one that was as poorly made, and gave that away.

UPDATE - If you need another source for these and many other products and want to support another company that makes products in the USA give a look to Pit Products they look to make some very nice products as well. I have not tried them yet but will give them a shot for the next accessory.

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