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EZ Read Hex Bolt Torque Chart - Metric

Another in the series of EZ Read Metric Bolt Chart. These values are from the Fastenall PDF or other web resources on metric bolts and fasteners. If you poke around the web you will see many different values for bolt torques. They are all pretty close and here is yet another with the exception that it's bigger and easier to read. These charts are for Hex Bolts.

Dry vs. Lubricated bolt torque? Yes a big difference since you not counting the friction of a dry bolt thread as final torque. For ARP and other performance bolts check their specs with their specific type of lube as it will make a difference. Plated bolts require less torque then unplated, again the inherent lubrication of the plating helps reduce the friction. The chart below is for standard chromate plated bolts which is typically what you get.

Use a good torque wrench! NOT some cheep imported version. You can get them in several styles, Clicker, Digital, Beam Pointer, Gauge, and slightly different style angle. You application will determine which type you might like to use. For example head bolts I like the clicker style. For Inch/Lbs torque range I like the gauge but other styles also exist.

Any bolt that is suspect or has been over torqued should be tossed out, especially if it's a 'mission critical' bolt, such as brake caliper, steering, etc.

Lastly it's important to have clean thread on both ends, so if you are putting head bolts into a block, good idea to run a tap to make sure threads are clean.

NOTE : ALL TORQUE VALUES IN IN IMPERAL (INCH) MEASURES. IF YOU WANT THEM IN Newton Meters then multiply the Ft/LBS value by 1.3558179 to get Nm. If you need to go from In/lbs to Ft/lbs multiply that by 12, but I really shouldn't have to tell you that...

Need the EZ to read torque chart but the Inch (imperial) version? Click Here - EZ Read Torque Chart Inch

Bolt Size Metric Hex Cap, Plated - Recommended Torque in Ft/Lbs unless Noted
Grade 4.8 Grade 8.8 or 9.8 Grade 10.9 Grade 12.9
Lube Dry Lube Dry Lube Dry Lube Dry
M4 (In/Lbs) 8.5 10.0 20.4 27.6 28.8 38.4 33.6 45.6
M5 (In/Lbs) 15.6 21.6 40.8 54 58.8 78 68.4 91.2
M6 (In/Lbs) 42 54 78 102 114 144 138 150
M8 8.5 11.5 16 20 24 30 28 35
M10 17 21 32 40 47 60 55 70
M12 29 39 55 70 80 140 95 120
M14 47 60 88 110 130 165 150 190
M16 73 92 140 175 200 225 240 300
M18 100 125 195 250 275 350 325 410
M20 140 180 275 350 400 500 460 580
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EZ Read Metric Bolt Torque Chart
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