Small Block Ford Head Bolt Torque Sequence

This is the Head Bolt Torque Sequence (Pattern) for Ford's small block. This includes 260, 289, 302, Boss 302,
351W and related variants. The Good and Bad of the head bolts on the SBF is that their are only 8 of them. This
makes it easy to torque and lower cost for better aftermaket bolts and studs.

Their may be a few extra bolts on the World Products Aluminum block (now Bill Mitchel Products I think). This is an
odd case and unless you use the special heads from them (that no on seems to run) you get 8 head bolts.

The bolt torque values below are typical middle of the range values. You will find variants on the web of +-10
Ft/Lbs on most of these. The main thing is do the 3 stages and arrive at a final torque setting for your

Small Block Ford Head Bolt Torque Specifications

260, 280, 302
Stage 1 : 50 Ft/Lbs
Stage 2 : 60 Ft/Lbs
Stage 3 : 70 Ft/Lbs

Boss 302
Stage 1 : 45 Ft/Lbs
Stage 2 : 55 Ft/Lbs
Stage 3 : 70 Ft/Lbs

289HP and 351W
Stage 1 : 55 Ft/Lbs
Stage 2 : 65 Ft/Lbs
Stage 3 : 95-110 Ft/Lbs

For Head Studs or aftermarket bolts CHECK YOUR INSTRUCTIONS

For what ever you use make sure the threads in the block are clean. It doesn't hurt to run a tap on every bolt hole
(unless for some reason you have a thread insert in them) to ensure proper torque. For some blocks you will have
the bolt holes drilled through to the water jacket. Use a good sealer on the threads (ARP, Permatex) something
specific for bolts. If you have blind bolt hole use the recommend ARP lubricants on bolts or studs.
Ford Small Block Head Bolt Torque Sequence
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