About Sandy Ganz and GTSparkPlugs

The GTSparkPlugs site is a collection of odd car project and information that may be helpful to the automotive Enthusiast. These are based on projects that I have done and projects that I have an interest in.

The Automotive Calculators and Reference Library are also a growing collection of tools to help with common automotive problems, especially ones that I have.

Who's site is this, well it's Sandy Ganz noted scholar, tinkerer, hack  and otherwise someone that has the automotive bug. I learn as I go and I'm happy to help out anyone that has questions, opinions, or other comments. I have done a few car projects some better then others but every time the next one gets better.

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DISCLAIMER : All information here is to used at your own risk and as always you should follow proper safety procedures when working with dangerous tools and procedures.

Sandy Ganz Thumbs Up
Ganz Mounting a tire quick start
Tanner Foust and Sandy Ganz X-Games
Sandy Ganz at Willow Springs with The Ripper Mustang
Upper Left :Thumbs up after slicing my thumb on a project. Note paper towel and blue tape from first aid kit.
Upper Right : Mouting a tire with Quick Start (Starting Fluid)
Lower Left: X-Games a few years back before a ride with Tanner Foust when I was doing CarCast
Lower Right: The Ripper (Mustang) at Willow Springs Raceaway with a 'Non-bleeading' Thumbs up for a change
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