Ford 429 and 460 Firing Order

I made the FE firing order and forgot the 429 amd 460 (sometimes I  call Ford-sixty). In any case it is pretty much the same but here is a page for the Ford 429 and  460 folks.

Also remember that the position of the spark plug wires does not matter AS LONG AS THE ORDER IS MAINTAINED! If you need to rotate the cap for any reason don't worry about pulling the wires and rotating them around. Again this is OK as long as the firing order for the engine is maintained and you check your engines timing.

So if you want to cut and past the Firing Order for the Ford 429 and 460 it is :
1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 (Same as old school 260, 289, 302 and most other Ford V8's)
Ford 429 and 460 Firing Order
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