EZ Porsche Hood Strut Replacement

I have the task of fixing up the wife's Porsche Boxster. It's getting old, and thing just need fixing. The Alternator is going bad, and having to charge the battery and getting hit in the head when the wiper blade box falls off as the hood prop, it became clear as things in my head cleared up that I should just replace the GD hood support cylinders. Maybe the numerous bashes in the head did something, who knows. Some people call these hood struts or gas charged struts. Call them what you will, here's how to swap them out.

This is an easy project and applies to most cars, even other Porsches like the Cayman, 911's. I had done the same on my Ford Excursion as well and basically the same process.

If you have a Porsche hit Pelican Parts for your specific model. For other vehicles, try Amazon they have them (you will have to filter and dig a lot), but be wary of super cheep ones as they  may not last long.

I picked up a couple from Pelican and they were here in 2 days, nice! For the Boxster they had several models and prices, I went with middle of the pack based on the reviews.
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Bad Hood Support Cylinders

Bad Hood Support Strut - Look Familiar?

Having charging the battery a few times due to some alternator issues, I got tiered of knocking the wiper blade box out and getting bonked in the head (kopf), So off to Pelican Parts website and in a quick couple of days my parts arrived.
Pelican Parts New Gas Cylinders

Gas Charged Hood Cylinder

Here is what I got. These look similar on most cars and trucks. The Porsche ones are not much different then your regular car.

Tools Needed to Change Hood Lift

Just a small thin screwdriver. You might even use a thinner one if you have trouble.
Tools Needed

Pry Clip Off

With the small thin screwdriver wedge it hard behind the center of the clip. Some gas charged lifts have a space for this, some done. I would guess their is a special tool for this, but it's not at all needed. If you can't wedge it between the clip and the head of the cylinder, try working around the edge of the clip then back to the center. Don't worry about keeping these clips as the new hood support will (should) have them.
Pry Retaining Clip Off Lift Cylinder

Cylinder Clip Removed

After some prying this is what you get. The cylinder should be still holding onto the hood pivot pin. If not, you likely already got hit in the head again... But seriouly unless someone is propping the hood up the cylinder generally stay on the hood. Now do the same to the bottom clip. Watch out for your paint if you are a worried Willy.
Clips Removed

Remove Old Hood Support Cylinder

Now that both clips are off, support the hood with one hand lifting about as high as it can go to release tension on the cylinder. Then with your free hand pull of the top and bottom parts. You may have to pop it a bit depending on how crusty yours are. If you have a helper holding the hood this is much easier.
Remove Old Support Cylinder
Snap on new hood support cylinder

Install NEW Hood Support Cylinder

This is the easy part. They just pop on with a little force. Do the top then the bottom. Watch out that your cylinder doesn't mess with your paint if you are doing this one handed.

NOTE : The FAT part of the cylinder goes UP towards the hood as shown in my installation (look on yours on the side you haven't removed if you don't remember)

Now do the other side the same way.


This is a really easy project, it applies to most any car that uses these gas charged support cylinders, hood, trunk, rear windows, etc. It's easier to do the swap if you have a helping hand, but it's not a problem doing this by yourself if you are careful. Always a good idea to cover up the paint with some protection just to be safe.

Tools Required

Small Flathead Screwdriver

Parts Used

Pelican Part # 996-511-551-01-INT 
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