Ford Expedition Rear Brake Job
Ford Expedition Rear Brake Replacement

Yep, brakes again. This seems to be an ongoing lifestyle for me. At least they are pretty easy to do on the Expedition. The
process is similar to the EXPEDITION FRONT BRAKE job.  This should apply to 2003-2006 Expeditions. For the front brakes I
used Raybestos pads and rotors I picked up from Amazon. But for the rear they were not in stock, and I needed them quickly for a
trip. So I picked up a package that had brakes, rotors, and the spring clips all in one package. Was nothing more the the low
budget parts all collected together with a couple of bucks savings, but nice that I didn't have to piece it together for a change.

Expedition Front Brake Project is HERE


This took about 30 minutes of work per wheel. I did not plan on turning the rotors, if you can, it may save you a couple of bucks as
the rear rotors that have the rear parking brake are typically more money, so if you have the time and access to a local machine
ship that can do the work, it's a good thing to do to save. I did not plan on replacing or fixing the parking brake as it works well, but
if you do need to it's a good time to do it.

Tools Needed to Replace the Pads and Rotors

Medium blade screwdriver
Small Pry Bar or Brake Pad Compressor tool (click here for brake tools)
Metric Socket Set, 18mm and 21mm for Lugs
(Note you can use a 13/16" on the lugs with a bit tighter fit but works well)
Torque Wrench so you don't have to guess how tight things should be
7mm Hex Head socket
Disk Brake Grease (sometimes included)
Brake / Carb Cleaner
Shop Towels

Parts Needed

Brake Kit I was is below for my 2004 Ford Expedition

Autospecialty KOE1935 1-Click OE Replacement Brake Kit


Again prices delivered were cheaper the Autozone, so any thing that can keep me from walking into an AZ store is OK. Price I paid
was about $115 for the kit shipped. As mentioned the kit comes with all you need including the anti-squeek grease.

On the next few pages you can see the process to replace the rotor and pads. Don't forget you can have your rotors turned by a
competent machine shop if not that bad, and if you have OEM still on the car it's a good way to go if still within spec.

Torque Specifications

Wheel Lug Torque 2003 21mm Wheel Lug at 145Ft/Lbs (If you have 19mm Lugs use 125Ft/Lbs)
Caliper Bracket bolts (The 18mm Bolts) at 145Ft/Lbs
Caliper Slide Bolts (The 7mm Bolts) at 25Ft/Lbs (this is the best guess from what I could find on the web)

If you don't feel that you have the skill to complete this task take the work to a professional. Please check all parts and
ensure that they are in good condition, this includes bolts, hoses and fluid. Make sure brake lines are not cracked,
pistons are not leaking and parts are moving freely when they should (7mmSlide Bolts) and all fluid is at safe levels.

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