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Site Updates

02/11/2016 - NEW Horn Wiring Examples
02/08/2016 - NEW Introduction to Automotive Relays
01/28/2016 - NEW EZ Read BMW Inline 6 Firing Order
01/23/2016 - NEW Speedhut Shift Light Adapters
01/23/2016 - NEW Porsche 911 Firing Order
01/07/2016 - NEW V1.0 of Sway Bar Rate Calculator
12/10/2015 - NEW Added Classic Mini Cooper Firing Order
12/05/2015 - NEW Added Hydraulic Wire Crimper Tool Review
11/06/2015 - NEW Sunbeam Dash Pad Project
11/16/2015 - NEW Porsche Boxter and Ford V6 Firing Orders
11/06/2015 - NEW Sunbeam Tiger Dash Project
10/12/2015 - NEW Porsche Hood Lift Replacement
10/05/2015 - NEW Wheel Bearing Packer Tool Review
09/30/2015 - UPDATED!  Sunbeam Tiger Rear End Swap
09/07/2015 - Added Back to Top Arrow for easier navigation
09/07/2015 - Updated Sunbeam Bronze Bushing Install

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Wheel Bearing Packer Tool Review
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